redefining Jewelry Brand - Strawberry Sherbet

My role

Brand Identity 

Package design


South Korea based online jewelry shop ‘Strawberry Sherbet’ was established in 2007 and has grown year on year, with her collections being worn by K-pop stars and celebrities. In recent years, the business has expanded overseas with clients. It was time for a revamp of the brand and website!

logo design

The brief was to create a new logo to reflect the brand of the company and give it a new vibrant, modern look whilst maintaining the theme of the company ‘Love’.

I experimented with new shapes for the brand, combinations of various initials, typography, jewelry shapes and alternative strawberry icons. We created a number of options and through a process of iterations and research, 3 options were presented and refined to create the new logo.



As this was a turnkey solution, curation of a new catalogue of images for the site was included in the brief.  We landed on New Zealand v Korea for the images to be based on, taking advantage of some of the fantastic nature we have available to us, in particular some of the vibrant green colours.




With the shoot taking place on home turf, I led the creative process, scouting for a location in Wellington, selecting a model who resonated with the target age group, working with a hair & makeup artist to ensure the look complemented the jewelry.

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