Paul Titcombe
real estate website

Paul Titcombe is a multiple award winning real estate agent based in Wellington. I began working with Paul in 2018 when we started exploring new ways to promote his brand and how we could connect with his clients more.

Logo design

Initially we worked together to develop his logo, and then the creation of a website, which allowed Paul to promote his services and showcase his various properties which he is currently representing.

Clients know what their business is about, what they expect to achieve – It’s all in their head and my goal is to visualise their vision.

Website design

When it came to the Website build, a cost effective solution and combined with ease of use was an important requirement. 

Dynamic contents

Extra service I’m able to provide is photography and videography. I have several experience of photography sessions, Photography is the strength that you won’t be able to get from other designers. I create contents for my clients business so they don’t need to hire a photographer and save your valuable resource.

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